Vehicle Builders Submit 250 Entries Into SEMA Builder Competition

October 10, 2016

Contact: Della Domingo

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Vehicle Builders Submit 250 Entries Into SEMA Builder Competition

-- SEMA introduces Young Guns recognition for up-and-coming builders competing side-by-side with industry icons and legends --

DIAMOND BAR, CA (October 10, 2016) – Featuring top vehicle builders who have proven their talents and craftsmanship by having a car or truck displayed at the 2016 SEMA Show, the third annual SEMA Battle of the Builders® competition includes 250 applications, including builds from 98 up-and-coming “Young Guns.” As the basis for a nationwide television special, the SEMA Battle of the Builders competition honors SEMA Show vehicle builders, their vehicles and the products on those vehicles.

Industry experts will select the top 10 finalists during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. The finalists will then take over and evaluate one another’s vehicle, before the ultimate winner is announced Friday, Nov. 4, at SEMA Ignited, the official SEMA Show after party that is open to the general public.

Hosted by Chris Jacobs and Adrienne “AJ” Janic from “Overhaulin’”, the competition includes special recognition for builders under the age of 35 who are entered in SEMA Battle of the Builders.

To learn more about the competition or about SEMA Ignited, visit

The complete list of competitors for the 2016 SEMA Battle of the Builders competition is:

Greg Adams Kaylie Davis Steve Hill Wayne Mcdaniel Dylan Sievers
Jesus Aguiñiga Anthony De Guzman David Hines Nick McDonald Craig Simonian
Noah Alexander Brad DeBerti Edward Ho  Jake McKiddie Ruel Smith
Bobby Alloway Brandon DeFazio Joe Horisk Carlos Medrano Jeremy Smith
Terry Altman Manny Diaz  Kirk Howland Joey Mendoza Chris Soehren
Brian Alvarado Austin Dicus Shawn Hudspeth Big Mike Troy Spackman
Chad Anderson JJ Dubec Matthew Ibrahim Cam Miller Charles Spencer
Tony Arme Jason Duhon Zach Ingram Kyle Mohan Chris Stafford
Justin Arnold Aaron Elenbaum Manny Iwabuchi Justin Moreno Justin Starkey
Aaron Atnip Jonny Espe John Jackson Alban Morina Mike Staveski
William Bailey Jerry Fan Chris Jaggers Nathan Mueller Jacob Stone
Paul Baker Andrew Faris Jeremy Johnson John Muratori Blake Stoner 
Alan Banuelos Jeromie Fehrenbach Jimmy Johnson Adriana Murillo Heather Swindoll
Adam Baumel  Shawn Fischer Richard Jones Rod Neilsen Stephen Talbot
David Bernheimer EJ and Amy Fitzgerald Rajdeep Kalkat Hung Ngo Ivan Tampi
Stephanie Blanco Jason Flis Kevin Keep Joel Nichols Ike Taylor
Phil Blottie Dar Fortney Charvonia Keith Danielle Norton Russ Taylor
Ryan Bollens Ira Fouquette Jesse Kerr Jon Nyberg Denny Terzich
Kelston Boodoo Bryan Fuller Brandon Knowles Steve Osorio Sean Tessman
Tyson Boothe Jeffery Garland Troy Ladd Jeff Page  Mike Tilley
Randy Borcherding Jeremy and Phil Gerber Scott Laitinen Tim Palazzolo Gordon Ting
Jonathan Brown Mark Giambalvo Luke Langren Walter Palencia Neil Tjin
Damian Buckley Doug Gonzales Dominic Le Cris Payne Marco Trejo
Miranda Built Jesse Gonzalez Andy Leach Jason Pecikonis Kyle Tucker
Junior Burns Johny Gonzalez Rodger Lee Charlie Pehrson Cody Turner
Shaun Callaway Johnathan Goodwin Steve Legens Kevin Peverill Mark Turner
Jamie Campbell Lukasz Granicy Rick Leos  Murray Pfaff Aaron Vaccar
Chad Cantcolor Jagraj Grewal David Lightner Steve Pham Vincent Vandyke
Orlando Carattini Jacob Griffin Bryan Lin Rob Phillips Matthew Vasquez
Justin Carrillo Jared Grossman Dean Livermore Sam Piazza Jay Velez
Mark Catania Troy Gudgel Roger Lo Robert Pigue Kevin Villazon
Michael Caudill Truck Guru Carl Lofthouse Kamaka Pocock Forrest Wang
Steve Chapman David Gutierrez Ross Logsdon Igor Polishchuk John Wargo
Jeff Cleer Travis Haecker  Tom Longo Jason Reitz Gary Warner
John Cole Gary Hagar Jeremy Lookofsky Jeremy Rice Joe Weaver
Dylan Coleman Greg Harper Nick Lopez Tim Riley Randy Weaver
Archie Concon Kyle Harper Andrew Lowe Mike and Jim Ring Gary Wescott
Trevor Cook Bruce Harvey Art Lucas Al Robinson Tim White
Jared Cotter Matthew Haugen Michael Ma Hank Robinson Craig Wick
Goolsby Customs Kenny Hauk Ernie Manansala Dave Salvaggio Jenna Wilhite
John D'Agostino Mike Heim Jon Marshall Sam Sanchez Kyle Williams
Robert Dahm Greg Henderson Teddy Matavosian David Sawyer Landon Willis
Frank Daniels Howard Hernandez Jesse Matlock Josh Schilling Danielle Wing
Sal Danley Greg Higgs Lyon McClenahan Alexander Schuler Alan Yee
Brandon Davis Justin Hildebrand  Lonnie McCurry Jared Sensat  

For more information on the competition, visit

About SEMA Battle of the Builders:
SEMA Battle of the Builders is a competition that honors and recognizes top vehicle builders who have proven their skills by showcasing a car or truck at the world’s premier automotive trade show – the SEMA Show. Builders from all market segments compete for the title of the Ultimate Vehicle Builder, as their talents and craftsmanship are highlighted at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas as well as documented through media coverage throughout the world. The winner is announced at the official SEMA Show after party, SEMA Ignited, which is open to consumers at the end of the four-day trade show. Additional details are available at

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