SBN Announces New Members of the Select Committee

SEMA Member News—September 2016

SBN Announces New Members of the Select Committee

By Katie Carson

  Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez of Girls n’ Garages.

The SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) is proud to announce two new additions and two returning veterans to the select committee. The individuals elected have experience that spans many facets of the automotive industry.

The SBN is excited to welcome this varied group, as they are currently involved in the industry and should be a great contribution to a team dedicated to the education and advancement of women in the industry.

Two of the newest members have diverse experience in sales and journalism. Denise Johnson hails from Dee Zee Manufacturing, where she is well versed in public relations, social-media marketing and is a manufacturers-rep liaison. She currently serves as Dee Zee’s inside sales and communications manager.

Johnson has been a part of the automotive industry for more than 14 years and is armed with a master’s degree in business leadership. Her passion lies with the automotive industry and cultivating close relationships with other industry members. She has a strong desire to educate and encourage the new members of the industry. Through her continued education and involvement in the industry, Johnson should prove to be a firm advocate for SEMA and the SBN.

Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson of Dee Zee Manufacturing.

The second newcomer is Michelle Perez of Girls n’ Garages. Perez has oil in her veins. Since childhood, she has been in the garage with her dad and pursued an education at Wyotech and Skyline College. She has spent much of her time inspiring the next generation of female hot rodders through education and organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America.

Perez continues her service by belonging to multiple female enthusiast groups and is assisting in the first International Women’s Automotive Society meeting to bring women together and empower each other. The SBN recently featured Perez and her ’67 Mustang in a Women Driving News article and is pleased to welcome her to the team.

The council is also welcoming back two great contributors: Jenna Jefferies of K&N and Jacqueline Parral of Bonnier Corp.

Jefferies, a 17-year automotive veteran with a rich history of volunteerism, is returning for her second term with the SBN. She “loves the SBN committee and the chance to work with amazing women.” She has proven her passion through the communications division of the select committee.

Jefferies’ passion is helping women become interested and involved in the automotive industry. During her 10-year tenure at K&N, she has moved up from data-entry clerk to national account manager.

Parral returns to the select committee from Bonnier Corp., where she serves in the sales department. With more than 23 years of automotive experience, Parral has been an important part of the SBN, and the network is pleased to have her returning for a second term.

Parral has been a strong advocate for equality within the industry and has provided support to other women pursuing automotive careers. She considers the automotive world a part of her family and will continue to share that passion through the SBN select committee.

Please welcome these fantastic women and contributors to the SBN.

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