HRIA Congratulates New Select Committee Members

SEMA Member News—September 2016

HRIA Congratulates New Select Committee Members

By Katie Carson

  Josh Henning
Josh Henning of Goolsby Custom Inc.

The Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) select-committee election results are in, and the council welcomes back three incumbents as well as three new industry professionals. These individuals will serve two-year terms and will aid the council in its progression toward key initiatives. The three re-elected incumbents are Dave McKelvey, Ed Capen and Joe Petlick.

Dave McKelvey of American Autowire was extremely excited and proud to be re-elected to the HRIA select committee. “It means that I can continue my efforts in our ‘Futures in Hot Rodding’ project,” he said. “The relationships I’ve gained during my first term are valuable to me both professionally and personally.”

Ed Capen of Goodguys Enterprises Inc. also said that it is an honor to be part of the industry and to have the opportunity to give back by being part of the HRIA committee. “I look forward to the next two years of working hard to make our community better and bring more youth into the hot-rod industry.”

Joe Petlick of Motor State Distributing said that he was very pleased to have been re-elected for a third term. “As chairman of the education committee, my goal is to continue working to train professional shops and enthusiasts on how to use the council manufacturer member’s products and services,” he said. “I encourage fellow membership to get involved at any level with this meaningful activity.”

SEMA Member News also caught up with newly elected HRIA select-committee members Josh Henning of Goolsby Custom Inc., Trevor Wiggins of COMP Performance Group and Kimberly Callison-Johnson of ididit Inc. to find out what drives them to volunteer.

Kimberly Callison-Johnson
Kimberly Callison-Johnson of ididit Inc.

SEMA Member News: Why do you feel that it’s important to serve on the select committee?

Josh Henning: It is important to help preserve and propel the hot-rod industry and the aftermarket as a whole. Volunteering is a way to give back to so many and help out new and established businesses or shops that might not have had that jumpstart otherwise. SEMA and HRIA played a pivotal role in our success.

Trevor Wiggins: I feel that it is important to continue to build on the hot-rod and racing legacy so that the industry thrives for future generations to share in our passion.

Kimberly Callison-Johnson: We need a voice that will push for legislation to strongly support our industry, guide our members and encourage our youth to learn about trades related to our market.

SMN: What is most exciting to you about the HRIA council?

  Trevor Wiggins
Trevor Wiggins of TCI Automotive.

JH: It is exciting to have the opportunity to have an impact on our youth. There is a huge disconnect in this industry’s actively hiring businesses, the educational system and our seemingly stagnant labor pool. I would love to be able to work together to find a way to spark some interest in young people to actually learn a craft and have pride in their trade.

TW: I’ve been in the hot-rod and racing industry since I was a kid. To work closely with icons of this industry that I’ve looked up to for so long is a true privilege.

KCJ: The most exciting thing is that I can make an impact on the future of an industry that I have grown up in. The industry is evolving, with new technology and more marketing and sales opportunities. We have the ability to educate our members on these topics.

SMN: What are your goals, and how might your experience benefit the council?

JH: My goals include working with high schools and higher education to promote and expand existing programs as well as potentially developing a curriculum for our industry, much like the OEMs have in place for theirs.

TW: I’d like to build excitement and enthusiasm for hot rodding among the younger generations by reaching out to kids and schools, getting them involved in our industry at a young age. By bringing to the council my experience with DuPont along with my many years of racing and working in this industry, I can offer unique perspectives into many facets of our complex businesses.

KCJ: My number-one goal on this council is to get more youth involved in our industry. I would like to be part of the change to bring back trade education to our schools, and I believe my experience within our community gives me the knowledge to help bring about this change.

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