“Business Guidelines Manual” Offers MPMC Members an Inside Scoop

SEMA Member News—January/February 2014  

“Business Guidelines Manual” Offers MPMC Members an Inside Scoop


 The “Business Guidelines Manual” was written, produced and designed specifically for performance-product manufacturers. It addresses the many challenges such companies face and provides definitions, resources, options and examples.
The “Business Guidelines Manual” was written, produced and designed specifically for performance-product manufacturers. It addresses the many challenges such companies face and provides definitions, resources, options and examples.


The mission of the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) has always been to provide meaningful solutions to industry-specific issues and challenges. Within that context, MPMC directs its efforts toward providing its members with a forum in which to address industry-related issues, develop programs designed to meet the special needs of performance-parts manufacturers and offer new business and networking opportunities.

One of the benefits that is available exclusively to MPMC members is the “Business Guidelines Manual,” which is a guide provided by current MPMC members and companies as a tool for up-and-coming motorsports specialty-equipment businesses that will be dealing with the day-to-day situations confronting any successful and prospering venture working toward a strong placement in the marketplace. Scott Hall, who chairs the council’s “Business Guidelines Manual” task force, wants to be sure that council members are aware of this resource and know how to use it.

“A lot of employees come into the industry and have no concept of how to do things,” he said. “This book was compiled over the years by MPMC-member companies that have been around and know how it’s done. It’s as if you were starting college and someone handed you a book of what they wish they had known when they first arrived. It sure is nice to be handed a manual of how we do things and why they’re done that way.”

The manual was developed through the experiences of many motorsports aftermarket companies. Through the different methods of getting products into the hands of the end user, whether through distribution, direct sales or Internet sales, certain methods and rules must be established to ensure the financial, legal and policy well-being of companies. The information has been gathered and revised to aid new and existing companies to present industry standards that have worked for decades. It also covers newer business technologies that are available within the market. Simply stated, the manual is an instruction book, and all MPMC members have access to the information.

Written, produced and designed specifically for performance-product manufacturers, the manual addresses the many challenges such companies face. Definitions, resources, options and examples also are included in the various sections of the manual. Each section is written in simple details, making it quick and easy to read. Sample documents and verbiage are also included to help members decide which practices will be best for their individual businesses. Hall believes that the greatest strength of the manual is that it helps create and maintain consistency within the industry.

“It’s a package of rules and regulations, and it’s more than just an opinion,” he said. “A lot of businesses contributed to how these things should be done.”

MPMC is confident that the manual will answer many questions about the industry, assist members in bringing their businesses up to speed and streamline the effectiveness of getting their products into the hands of racers and on the track.

Chapters and topics include:
  • Bar Codes
  • Catalogs and Price Sheets
  • Cooperative advertising programs
  • Counterfeiting
  • Debt Collections
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Freight Policies
  • International Business
  • Manufacturer’s Reps
  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)
  • Packaging
  • Insurance
  • Terms and Conditions

In the past, the manual was distributed in a binder. The council has now made it available through the MPMC learning track on the SEMA Education Institute’s webpages for electronic download in a PDF format, making it easier than ever for members to access. Hall hopes to make additional updates to the manual in the future to continue making it more user friendly.

“It’s always going to be a work in progress as we update the industry information,” he explained. “We want to add more pictures so it’s attractive and easy to read.”

The “Business Guidelines Manual” task force is also currently exploring opportunities to promote the manual so that all council members are aware of the resource at their disposal. Those who have already begun to use the manual and believe that additional topics should be covered may submit suggestions to any of the MPMC select committee members, who will pass along the recommendations to the Business Guidelines Manual task force for further research or clarification.

This publication is a live document that will be subject to many changes in the years to come. With the help of MPMC members, it will continue to be a valuable manual that will grow and serve the council.

To learn more or to download this tool, visit www.sema.org/mpmc or contact Council Director Jim Skelly for more information via e-mail at jimsk@sema.org.

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