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SEMA Member News - September/October 2009

A Rundown on Recent ARMO Activities

 SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-ARMO

Greetings, members! Summer is coming to a close, and the year seems
to be moving along very fast. In talking with member companies, I am
still hearing good news about the state of the restoration industry;
however, I also hear about how member companies are just barely hanging
on. Several manufacturing companies have reported record sales in both
the first and second quarters of this year. However, those same
companies are quick to point out that they do not see a trend toward
total recovery.

As for retailers, I have heard that shows seem to be well attended,
although some venues report not many dollars are being spent by
hobbyists buying parts. One vendor stated that families may be
attending shows as an inexpensive way to have a summer vacation, and
they simply are not spending any money toward “fixing that old car in
the garage.” To this end, I encourage all member companies to
participate in the various programs being offered by SEMA—particularly
the webinars. These programs can help you by providing you with ideas
to grow or sustain you business in difficult times. I know that my
company has been receiving more customer inquiries via the Internet
than we ever have before, and this trend is forecasted to do nothing
but grow.

Select Committee Elections Complete

I am pleased to report that the Automotive Restoration Market
Organization (ARMO) select committee elections are complete. We had
three incumbents return: Roger Niehaus of Auto Custom Carpets; Sandy
Patterson of Source Interlink Media; and Jim Vinarski with Carlisle
Events. Three vacant seats were filled. Those seated are now held by
Harry Weimann of WyoTech; Jeff Yager of Hemmings Motor News; and Jim
Christina with Dynacorn International. Each of the returning and newly
elected members has specific functions on the select committee. Details
can be found on the ARMO section of the SEMA website

 SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-ARMO

As a reminder, any member can serve on the various task forces
chaired by select committee members. You can participate as a “member
at large,” which is a great way to get involved with the various ARMO
programs. By participating via teleconference and scheduled
face-to-face meetings, you can not only learn how the council functions
but also help the industry, other members and even yourself by working
through licensing issues or youth awareness programs. These committees
are also a great way to network and allow others to get to know you.
Many consider this a stepping stone to serving on the select committee.

Collector Car Appreciation Day

I regret to report that the Collector Car Appreciation Day
resolution that I mentioned during my last SEMA Member News article
failed to make the U.S. Senate calendar for consideration. The D.C.
staff did a great job of securing sponsorship. Given the fact that we
have a new administration and so many items in front of our legislators
this year, our timing was not the best. Members of the SEMA staff in
the Washington, D.C. office have assured me that they will continue to
pursue a national day of recognition for our industry/hobby.

SEMA Show Plans

Finally, be sure to make your plans to attend the SEMA Show this
year and visit the ARMO booth. Our New Products Showcase task force
chairman, Roger Niehaus, has been working to recognize all of the
participants from the New Products Showcase held in Carlisle earlier
this year. We will have one less vehicle in our booth display in order
to accommodate the promotion of members’ new products. Be sure to stop
by and see the 64 new products for 2009 from our member companies.


Don’t forget that this is the time to call for reception
sponsorships. This is a great opportunity to get your company’s name in
front of 450-plus of the who’s who of the restoration industry.

Sponsorships are available for numerous levels and various budgets.
As with last year, the ARMO event is chaired by Sandy Patterson. If you
would like to become a sponsor, please contact her via e-mail at or Jan Desma at

Please remember to contact any one of your select committee members and
give us your thoughts or needs. We would love to hear from you, and
don’t forget to tell your friends about ARMO and get them to become


Harry Weimann of WyoTech


Jeff Yager of Hemmings Motor News


Jim Christina with Dynacorn International

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