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SEMA Member News - May/June 2009

Rolling Along Despite the Economy

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Tim Dietz of Standards Testing Laboratories Inc. completes his term as chair-elect and assumes the duties of WTC chairman on July 1.

We are pleased to try to help our industry at this temporarily difficult time with our economy. The folks of the WTC Select Committee are continuing to add the needs of the council to their already long days. It is this selfless spirit to help others in our industry that makes working with this group and SEMA special.

Many news organizations are giving negative reports on the economy and the outlook for the future. We believe otherwise. Certain segments of our industry are in difficult times, but this is part of the normal cycle that happens when large numbers of consumers change their primary vehicle choices.

Oversized SUV wheels are seeing this downturn, while economical cars using smaller wheels are seeing good increases. Early-season distributor-based open houses have mostly seen excellent traffic from hungry retailers looking for the newest and best models to fit this new direction by consumers. It’s that can-do spirit and willingness to change that makes the automotive aftermarket such a fun and diverse industry.

Consumers are more aware of our products than ever before and are trying to find ways to put our items on their cars. A good amount of business is there to be had for those retailers and distributors prepared to meet their needs.

SEMA Custom Wheel & Tire Specialist Certification Program

The SEMA Custom Wheel & Tire Specialist Exam is job-related and designed to measure a candidate’s real-world skills. All tests are written in a multiple-choice format and are intended to deal with specialty wheel and tire installation, troubleshooting, diagnosis and/or repair with which technicians work on a day-to-day basis.

The SEMA Custom Wheel & Tire Specialist Certification Program requires that test candidates have at least two years of hands-on work experience. The test is offered in May and November at more than 700 test centers nationwide. Technicians who pass the SEMA exam and meet the work-experience requirement will receive credentials from SEMA that are valid for five years. SEMA credentials include a certificate suitable for framing, an insignia and a wallet card.

SEMA certification is a winning proposition for all involved. The next test will be held in May 2009. For more information and a registration form, click here

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At the 2008 WTC reception during the SEMA Show, Corky Coker was presented with the council’s Person of the Year award. This year’s WTC Long-Range Planning Meeting on May 13 will not only be a traditional meeting, but will also be conducted as a webinar. Final details are being worked out, but the Select Committee expects a great turnout and many new ideas by getting much closer to the frontline workers of our industry.

Long-Range Planning Meeting

Mark your calendars early. Our annual Long-Range Planning Meeting this year will be held on May 13. This is an open meeting for all involved or associated with wheel and tire matters to give us their opinions on how SEMA and WTC can help them over the next year to 18 months.

We’re especially happy because we believe the WTC will be the first council to hold its’ open meeting as a webinar! The final details are being worked out, so this might be a little premature. But wheel and tire folks are always optimistic!

A webinar format will allow viewers over the Internet to interact with our meeting in real time and will allow participation by a much larger group. We expect to have a great turnout and many new ideas by getting much closer to the frontline workers of our industry.

Thanks to SEMA’s marketing and member services department for working with our SEMA liaison, Paul Moritz, to get this done for our members. This webinar will not only improve our effectiveness, but it will also save our members time and money while raising the bar of service for all SEMA councils.

We’ll keep doing our best to help our industry improve as the future changes the road ahead of us.

Thank you

Kelly Austin, WTC Chairman, Advanti Racing USA

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