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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009


Street Performance Council Focus Panels

By Tyler Tanaka

Member News, April 2009, SPC

Jim Spoonhower, SEMA vice president for market research and
information, conducted a recent SPC focus panel. Information about
upcoming panels as well as the results of past research are available
on the SPC webpage at www.sema.org/spc.

SEMA’s new Street Performance Council (SPC) will empower performance
business professionals with the knowledge needed to succeed in today’s
competitive marketplace. The SPC is conducting focus panel Q&A
sessions at key performance events across the country.

The focus panels provide forums to gather opinions and initiate
discussions on real-world issues that impact industry businesses.
Participants are made up of a wide array of industry representatives
(manufacturers, wholesale distributors, jobber/retailers and consumers)
who bring to the table many different experiences in the racing and
performance arena.

Focus panels center on enthusiasts and their efforts to overcome the
many obstacles they face when trying to purchase parts and services in
today’s marketplace. Some key issues to be addressed are influences on
purchase decisions, upcoming trends in the marketplace, pricing and
service and more.

Empower yourself and your business by joining the discussion at the
next SPC focus panel. Here’s a brief sampling of comments from
attendees at recent panels:

“The information discussed with qualified participants at
special events such as this is invaluable when making decisions with
regard to our marketing approach, new-product development, distribution
channels—all criteria for that market segment and how we can improve
our products and services for the consumer and our distributors.”
—Bud Bulmer, Sales Manager
Tokico Performance Shocks

“ACT has been regularly attending the SPC focus panels for the
last four years. They provide a quick, immediate snapshot of the
current market conditions with some focus on regional or lifestyle
trends. No two focus panels have been the same, but they have always
initiated lots of internal discussion at ACT. The focus panels are part
of ACT’s larger efforts to answer the question, ‘What are ACT consumers
or jobbers really concerned about and why do they buy?’ ACT’s marketing
plans have been affected by the immediate takeaways the live events
produce for us.”
—Tracie Nuñez, CEO
Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)

Member News, April 2009, SPC SPC focus panels include input from a wide range of industry
professionals as well as enthusiasts. Some of the key issues addressed
are influences on purchase decisions as well as upcoming trends in the
marketplace, pricing and service.








Watch for 2009 SPC focus panels listings in SEMA Member News, SEMA eNews and the SPC webpage at www.sema.org/spc.

SPC Webpage

In addition to the results of past focus panels, the SPC webpage at www.sema.org/spc includes
information about a wealth of council programs and activities, such as
long-range planning sessions, contact information for the SPC Select
Committee as well as the complete membership roster.

The site also provides links to the latest legislative and
regulatory updates, industry news and a listing of past recipients of
the SPC’s Business of the Year, Person of the Year and Image Award
presentations. Those interested in joining the SPC may download a PDF
membership application from the webpage or they may contact Paul
Moritz, the council’s SEMA liaison, via e-mail at paulm@sema.org or by phone at 909/396-0289, ext. 112.

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