Top 15 Semifinalists Announced

After going through many submissions for the 2019 SEMA Launch Pad competition, the top 15 semifinalists have been chosen and announced! See who has made it and their unique products below.

In no particular order:

Riley Koidahl

The Paddock, Founder/CEO

Product: The Paddock

The Paddock leverages technology to give car enthusiasts the best shopping experience possible. Virtually test fit wheels, browse classifieds, and connect with installers for a seamless wheel and tire experience, from ideation to installation. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, just the experience around it.


Reid Lunde

Kaizen Speed, Founder/Owner

Product: Kaizen Relay

The Kaizen Relay is a weatherproof, solid-state relay that directly replaces standard relays. It’s patent pending design allows multiple relays to interconnect, making it easy to add on to your vehicle without complicated wiring. Programmable CAN-bus modules and wireless modules can be attached, instantly making your Kaizen Relay a smart PDM.


Sarah Smith

 SoCur Inc., Owner

Product: UV Cure Undercoat System for Automotive Refinish

ChipFix is a single component ultraviolet cure fine putty that is translucent in color. This putty is perfect for last minute touch ups of pinholes, rock chips, light gauges and minor imperfections. ChipFix spreads easily and cures in seconds with an appropriate UV light and experiences little to no shrinkage.


Eric Amato

Radial Dynamics LLC, President

Product: Vortex Steering Reservoir

The Radial Dynamics Vortex Reservoir is a revolution in the off-road steering market segment which features a patent-pending design that actively de-aerates steering fluid and maximizes effective system capacity to keep even the highest flowing steering pumps working at their best under the most demanding conditions.


Thomas Judge

 GJ Motorsports LLC, Owner

Product: 3rd Brake Lights

The GJ Motorsports aftermarket 3rd brake lights provide a high mounting location for LED lights to provide effective dust/chase lights with a factory fit and finish. They are also  a great option for anyone working around the rear of their vehicle by providing excellent work or scene lighting.


Alexander Reid

Seville Auto Trim LLC, GloTrim Products Lead

Product: GloTrim / Fiber Optic light guide see OEM

GloTrim is a flexible glass fiber optic welting kits provides premium soft trim lighting solutions, by offering kits, consultation, integration, and custom services. GloTrim kits are designed to be easily integrated into any 12 Volt system. GloTrim provides company's in the automotive aftermarket the tools to craft new, exciting and desirable products for their customers.


Christopher Owens

Last Drop Wrench, CEO/Founder

Product: The Last Drop Wrench

The Last Drop Wrench allows you to drain oil from an oil filter before it has been removed eliminating spills and burns all while decreasing the time it takes to complete an oil change by up to 25%. Life is already messy; your oil change doesn’t have to be.


John Schurman

Voxel Evolution LLC, Founder

Product: Luxe LightWrap

Luxe LightWrap is a translucent premium cast vinyl specifically designed for wrapping a vehicle's lights and trim.  LightWrap is proudly manufactured in the USA and features air release for quick bubble free installations, and because it can be printed and laminated there is no limit to what effect is possible!


Justin Urban

Urban Custom Fabrications, Owner

Product: DIY Custom Flatbeds

UCF’s industry changing aluminum flatbed has interlocking pieces that bolt together in an at home or professional garage. The bed can be shipped to their door for a DIY project or fabrication shops can save on inventory costs because it fits most platforms. Its sturdy, durable, and a clean design.


TJ Hammerle

Trac-Top LLC, CEO

Product: Trac-Top / Jeep Wrangler Top

Trac-Top is a direct replacement for the freedom panels of the Jeep Wrangler using the factory knobs and knobs. It is a coil-sprung retractable canvas that is built directly into the housing, so you have instant shade when you want it and protection from the elements when you need it.


Andrew Lien

KeyCages, Owner

Product: KeyCages

KeyCages are precision engineered exoskeletons for keys and key fobs that enhance the look and performance of OEM keys.


Alan Brentzel

Traveling Tint, Owner

Product: Removable sun shades and window tint

Traveling tint is a high quality optically clear removable window tint/shade. Our traveling tint kit Is a 15% VLT tinted, quick to put on a window, pull it off and move. The slap shade line is a complete sunblock kit, this product is customizable with logos and brands.


Wesley Poole

Forged Authority, President

Product: Aftermarket Truck Bed Systems

Forged Authority manufactures the next generation of Truck Bed Systems. Toolboxes, chairs, tire chocks, tie down hooks, kayak racks, fishing rod holders, and more. Our accessories mount onto our new MFR (mounting frame rail) with 1 pin, within seconds. Ever changing how to use your truck to do more, faster.


Zachary Saylor

The Wiper Group LLC, President

Product: Wiper Packs

Changing windshield wipers is simple with Wiper Packs from The Wiper Group. Each pack is customized to include two blades that are the right fit for your car. When it’s time for a change, get a Refill Pack so you can keep the blades and just replace the rubber. 


Jason Denney

RIGd Supply, Chief Marketing Officer

Product: UltraSwing

The RIGd UltraSwing is a spare tire carrier and swing-away receiver for bike racks or other hitch mounted accessories. UltraSwing is designed for serious off-road use and combines maximum functionality with reduced weight. UltraSwing features an ecosystem of accessory mounts including a camp table, fuel, Hi-Lift jacks, and more. 


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