MPMC Focuses on Communication

We just finished muscling through the dog days of summer and the end of race season is upon us.  In late August the MPMC Select Committee got together in Dallas to develop our long range plan.  Over two days the select committee had great discussions and debate looking at what major projects we need to work on for you, our members.  As part of this process I wanted to share our results of our 2017 long range plan. We had a great 2017-18 term. The MPMC Select Committee completed all of our major objectives in our plan.

Our Media Trade Conference continues to be a really important event bringing media and MPMC members together to help promote new products. This event alone has driven thousands of technical articles and new product showcases. If you haven’t registered for the 2019 MTC, you need to jump on that asap .

We rewrote the Business Guidelines Manual to include many new business terms and tactics that were not part of the previous edition. We also made the Business Guideline Manual available to all SEMA members. If you haven’t downloaded it, please take a look. We are going to be updating it as a live document annually.

We also worked with the Board and many council chairs to help draft a document outlining Prop 65 best practices. As a manufacturer of performance products, this is a valuable tool and I highly recommend you review and share it with all of your product managers, engineers and data staff.

PRI has become the primary event for MPMC. At the 2017 PRI show we put together three seminars that were all very good. We also had a MPMC Reception and Hall of Fame induction where we inducted Dick Hill into our Hall of Fame. We will be doing the same thing at the 2018 PRI show as well as working to add new members to our roster.

I want to take this time to thank the MPMC Select Committee members as they worked so hard this year and they focused on creating value for our members.  This is a group of get it done people who are working for you to help your business be successful. I hope you all are having a great year and I look forward to meeting with you at the SEMA Show, PRI, MTC or at the races.