Tech Subcommittee Connects Councils and Networks Through Collaboration

There are other groups within SEMA that also have constituent interest in advanced vehicle technology and its impact on the market segment each group serves. They include the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council; the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (formerly the Light Truck Accessory Alliance); the Professional Restylers Organization; and the Wheel & Tire Council.

To provide a forum for inter-council conversation and collaboration, ETTN created the Cross-Council Tech Subcommittee. Comprised of technically charged engineers, owners, product developers and the SEMA Garage technical staff, the subcommittee represents every segment of the industry.

During monthly open forums, subcommittee members work as a team to identify and discuss tech-related challenges or opportunities specific to each council or network. SEMA Garage staff also share updates on projects that pose vehicle-tech challenges, and they seek feedback from the group. Additional participants are always welcome and encouraged to join the conversation. “The subcommittee is predicting that the most impactful technology revolution is on the horizon, and we must be armed with the latest knowledge and insights to position our industry for expansion and monetization of this technology,” Moore noted. “Every SEMA-member manufacturer should have its technically charged staff join ETTN to ensure that they have access to the most current information available.

“It is easy to get involved. Any employee of any member company can join, and it’s free! Our hope is that all members will be actively involved to help make a difference in the future of our industry.”

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