Calling All Volunteer Judges!

The 2019 SEMA Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness application officially closed on March 4th with another record-breaking number of completed applications.

While our online application vendor, International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS), is in process of preparing the final data, we expect approximately 700 applications will advance to the judging phase!

We are currently seeking forty-five (45) volunteer judges, to ensure equitable review of all applications, with a minimum of three (3) judges assigned to each application, and in order to limit assignments to no more than 50 applications per judge.

The entire evaluation process is online, mobile-responsive, fun and easy to use! The evaluation period is scheduled to open Monday, April 8 — Friday, May 31, allowing for a total of eight (8) weeks to complete the evaluation process. You’ll have 24/7 access to your assigned applications and be able to review them at your own pace, returning to the applications as often as needed before you submit your final scores by the Friday, May 31 deadline.

Would you like to volunteer your time as a judge this year? To participate, please email or contact Juliet Marshall at 909-978-6655 or  by Sunday, April 7!

If you know of any co-workers or business associates who would like to volunteer, please send them our way! We look forward to working with you through the 2019 SEMA Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness application evaluation process!