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Learn How to Close More Sales

Dealing with customer attitudes in a selling situation can be the
biggest challenge for new and experienced sales people alike. How you
deal with customer objections, in fact, will often determine if you
close the sale or lose it. Great sales people know that handling
objections effectively is a critical step in the sales process—and a
skill that can be learned by anyone.

Using 3-D CAD Software for Efficient R&D

New-product innovation is essential to the survival and competitiveness
of your company. In a rapidly changing marketplace, getting new products
to market quickly is crucial. Is your company using the latest tools
and technology to keep R&D efficient and cost effective? Join Mark
Scheetz, GoEngineer, on Thursday, June 23, at 10:00 a.m (PDT), for a new
SEMA Education Institute (SEI) webinar as he discusses 3-D CAD software
applications for the automotive aftermarket.

Free and Low-Cost Strategies to Get New Customers From the Web

Search for yourself on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Can you find your
business? Now search again for your type of business and
location, such as “racing parts Los Angeles.” Does your business appear
in the search engine results page? If your business listing or ad
appears and looks great, then congratulations, you’re ahead of the
crowd! If you’re like millions of other businesses that cannot be found
on search engines, please join online advertising pro Jennifer
Brunacini from WebVisible
for a webinar Thursday, March 17, at 10:00 a.m. (PST). Learn several of
the free and inexpensive ways to promote your business on search
engines, with compelling and measurable results!

9 Killer Tips to Master Facebook Advertising

More than 500 million people all around the world actively use Facebook
to stay connected and grow their relationships. Fifty percent of active
users log on to Facebook on any given day and spend more than 700
billion minutes per month on the social network—more than any other
website in the world! Facebook advertising can provide an extraordinary
opportunity for your company to connect with customers and prospects
using precisely targeted ads to reach your exact target audience.


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