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Take Your SEO to the Next Level

When potential customers search online for parts and accessories, are
they finding your company? Have you fully optimized your website? The
world of online search is constantly changing. It's critical that you
are up-to-speed on the latest techniques to ensure that your company
ranks as a top search result.

The Road to Customer Service Excellence: From the Mom & Pop Store to The Nordstrom Way

Robert Spector, of Robert Spector Consulting, has been involved in
customer service since the age of 13, when he first went to work in his
mother and father’s butcher shop. Working alongside his parents, he
learned firsthand what it takes to take care of customers—and to keep
them loyal. Those lessons inspired his latest book, The Mom & Pop Store, which features interviews with successful independent retailers from all over the world.

SEMA Leadership Series: Building Your Volunteer Toolkit

SEMA strongly encourages all companies with council memberships to join us January 16 and be part of a volunteer-focused future. The SEMA Education Institute (SEI) will host a webinar entitled, "Building Your Volunteer Toolkit," Monday, January 16, at 10:00 a.m. (PST). This session will kick off the SEMA Leadership Webinar Series, which will provide best practices for volunteer leadership and participation. Join us and be part of designing SEMA's first-ever volunteer online toolkit.


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