Expert Insight on Obtaining Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Any good idea or product is worth protecting—especially if it’s the
mainstay of your business’ success. However the process of protecting
your intellectual property )IP_ may seem daunting. To help explain the
procedures and ease the complexity for SEMA-member companies, the
association recently hosted a webinar entitled “Patents, Trademarks and
Copyrights: Ask the Experts.” It was presented by Steve Lustig of
Dickinson Wright PLLC; Robb Roby Knobbe, Martens Olson & Bear LLP;
and Merritt Blakeslee of the Blakeslee Law Firm.

Read on for expert insight on the different types of IP and what you can do to protect your business, ideas and products.

10 Free Ways to Use YouTube for Your Business

While YouTube
has emerged as a marketing juggernaut for business, many firms are also
discovering that that the free video-sharing service has scores of
other uses—all of which are also free for the taking.

recruiting, client communications, product/service how-to's and
dissemination of company news are all increasing popularity on YouTube
as firms transform the medium into a Swiss Army Knife of business

Top 10 Free Business Uses YouTube

Inside SEMA: Member Benefits There When You Need Them

The Inside SEMA section of SEMA News continues its monthly highlight of SEMA management, with this month's edition featuring SEMA Vice President of Councils & Membership Nathan Ridnouer. SEMA News recently interviewed to uncover how councils can assist members in a tough economy, council activities planned for the Show and the new ways the association is delivering benefits to the membership.  

From Campus to Marketplace: Texas A&M Students Create Real Products and Revenue

What if your company had access to some of the brightest minds in
the field, students at a major university who were
allowed to focus on the creation and development of a product to which
your company might eventually have marketing rights? Read what Texas A&M university is doing to bridge the academic-to-marketplace gap. 


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