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“2016 SEMA Market Report”

2016 SEMA Market ReportThe annual “SEMA Market Report”—more than 20 years running—is SEMA’s yearly take on the automotive specialty-equipment industry. The 2016 report concentrates on market sizing and sales estimates for 2015 but also reflects historical trends from the previous five years. Looking ahead, SEMA analyzes this historical data to forecast next year’s trends. The report contains multiple types of data from different sources, including government and outside vendors, who use industry data from manufacturers to develop these estimates.

SEMA Market Research: What’s in It for you?

Chris KerstingAn important element of SEMA’s mission is to undertake challenging projects that many individual member companies could not afford on their own. Establishing a data co-op, building an emissions-compliance center and maintaining a comprehensive legislative/regulatory team in Washington, D.C., are all examples of significant programs SEMA delivers for its members. Another valuable member benefit—market research—is intended to help member companies better understand their marketplace, plan for the future, and take advantage of emerging trends.

2015 SEMA Market Report

2015 SEMA Market Report Each year, SEMA’s research department produces a report that explores the automotive specialty-equipment market. The report examines the size of the market while also looking at different product segments, vehicle niches and sales trends. For more than 20 years, the report has been compiled based on data culled from industry manufacturers, providing an outward view of what their businesses are selling. For the first time, the research team has now added an element based on consumer feedback. The goal of the 2015 SEMA Market Report (available free to association members at is to provide member companies with comprehensive information they can use to help their businesses.


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