SEMA Garage–Industry Innovations Center

SEMA Garage: What’s In It for You?

Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO The compelling image you see on the cover of this issue was a byproduct of a visit by the world-famous SO-CAL Speed Shop crew. They came by to check out the newly completed SEMA Garage and to touch base with one of their celebrity clients—rock guitarist and legendary car collector Billy Gibbons. SO-CAL was among the first of many SEMA-member companies that will use the tools and facilities we have assembled in the SEMA Garage.

The SO-CAL team took advantage of the SEMA Garage FaroArm laser scanner to capture the exact curvature of the ’34 Ford’s sleek body panels to quickly fabricate a new custom trim piece. It’s an example of how the latest scanning and rapid prototyping tools can revolutionize the way our industry develops products.

The New SEMA Garage

The Innovations Center Opens for Business

The photo you see on the cover of this month’s SEMA News was taken in the newly completed SEMA Garage photo studio. It’s a shot of rock guitarist Billy Gibbons, who was kind enough to pose with his project car, which SO-CAL Speed Shop is preparing for the 2014 SEMA Show. Gibbons was on hand to view progress on the car, confer with SO-CAL designer/builders Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine, and to tour the SEMA Garage, which is now officially open for business.

The SEMA Garage

SEMA Garage—Industry Innovations CenterSEMA recently hosted members of the media for a tour of the SEMA Garage–Industry Innovations Center. The event was held in conjunction with Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 12, 2013, at SEMA’s headquarters in Diamond Bar, California.

The SEMA Garage-Industry Innovations Center helps businesses create and design products for the automotive accessory market. Outfitted with nearly $2 million worth of equipment, the SEMA Garage features a complete emissions-testing cell for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification. In addition, a 3D lab, complete with a Faro arm and a 3D scanner, allows member companies to quickly scan production cars and accurately model production parts. Media who joined the tour were also given the opportunity to see additional equipment, including digital race car scales, vehicle lifts and a temperature-controlled test cell. Some of the coverage is highlighted below.

SEMA Garage–Industry Innovations Center Now Open

The SEMA Garage–Industry Innovations Center, where manufacturers have access to full emissions-testing EO certification lab and dyno services, is now open. The SEMA Garage–Industry Innovations Center is now open to provide manufacturers with access to a full emissions-testing EO certification lab and dyno services. Located adjacent to SEMA’s Diamond Bar, California, headquarters, the 15,000-sq.-ft. facility will include a full mechanic’s garage and tech center.

The building was purpose-built 10 years ago with a full dyno lab that uses highly technical and sophisticated equipment to measure emissions output at a level consistent with the Air Resources Board requirements for EO certification. Working in conjunction with the Auto Club, SEMA is able to use the equipment to provide members with a valuable, low-cost resource for testing and obtaining certifications for new products.


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