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Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and Keep Them

Where can you find more customers? If you've been chasing some of your
competitors' customers for a while, you already know that bringing new
customers into your fold is not an easy task. The SEMA Education
Institute (SEI) tackled this issue and more when it featured Christine
Corelli of Christine Corelli & Associates Inc. in a recent webinar
entitled, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and Keep Them.”

TORA and SEI Announce Product Training Center

Aftermarket manufacturers now have a new tool to help spur sales—the SEMA Product Training Center. A joint effort of the Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) and the SEMA Education Institute (SEI),
this new program allows manufacturers to efficiently and effectively
provide product training to hundreds or even thousands of resellers
throughout the industry for what they might spend to educate only a few
using traditional means.

Why Teamwork Is Critical

Forget tough. Today’s competition is fierce! Now, more than ever, your
commitment to establishing a true "team" culture is not optional—it is
vital to the success of your automotive aftermarket business and a major
key to survival in today’s volatile economy. 


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