New SEMA Training Course Focuses on New Retail Employees, Immediate Tools

The SEMA Education Institute's (SEI) newly released sales training course "Focus on the Customer: Introduction to Selling" is proving to be an effective tool for increasing sales skills for both new and veteran retailers alike.

"One of our goals is to become a training partner with our SEMA members" stated Bob Price, SEI's Executive Director. "This course focuses on the needs of new retail employees and teaches practical selling tools that can be applied on the job immediately."

Spy Photos: Scion's IQ Aims at Smart

Brenda Priddy says that after a long stakeout ("on a public street, of
course") outside a top-secret Toyota facility, her spy photographers
caught a quick glimpse of Scion’s upcoming New York International Auto
Show Concept. The ”super-compact” hatchback, named IQ (like Toyota’s
version), will debut as a Scion and is expected to be sold in the
United States.

Consumers Shift From Restyling to Off-Road and Street Performance Mods

Recent SEMA Performance Parts and Accessories Demand Index (PADI) results show that consumers are slowly shifting away from general personalization and heading toward a niche-focused theme for their customization plans. Over the past three months, more consumers are eying the hot-rod, off-road and street-performance markets compared to this time last year.


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