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Spy Photos

The images and information provided in “Spy Photos” are supplied by the spy shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. “Spy Photos” are included each week in SEMA eNews, the association’s electronic newsletter.

Global Press Coverage

About this product:

One of the most effective ways to market automotive specialty equipment is to obtain coverage in enthusiast media—magazines, websites and broadcast programs. Even the publication of a simple press release provides instant credibility with enthusiasts. But getting noticed in the morass of press packets, stories and brochures received on a daily basis by writers, editors and producers can be a frustrating and complicated task. All the more so when the publication services a different country.

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New Product Showcases

Magazines in and outside the United States are eager to highlight the
newest specialty-equipment product offerings, and they often do so by
including New Product Showcases in their magazine. This month’s
“Required Reading” features a few of these columns and provides tips on
how to increase your chances of being included.


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