SEMA Powersports: UTV Accessorization Report

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Did you know that 82% of UTV owners purchase accessories?

Did you know the average Accessorizer spends about $1,700 outfitting their UTV?

Do you know what the hottest UTV accessories are?

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The Powersports: UTV Accessorization report provides a detailed look at the fast-growing utility task vehicle (UTV or side-by-side) market.  The report examines how owners modify and accessorize their vehicles with specifics on their product selection, vehicle usage, and shopping habits.

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For many businesses in the automotive aftermarket, racing remains the lifeblood. This industry was founded on passion and performance, and automotive racing continues to drive product research and development and retail sales, inspiring manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. After taking a hit from a rough economy over the past several years, racing is seeing a resurgence. While many motorsports segments are trending upward, there are a few in particular that merit watching in the coming year. Following the trends in these hot segments can lead to greater marketing success for all levels of the industry.

2008 Motorsports and Performance Report - Executive Summary

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