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One of the most effective ways to market automotive specialty equipment is to obtain coverage in enthusiast media—magazines, websites and broadcast programs. Even the publication of a simple press release provides instant credibility with enthusiasts. But getting noticed in the morass of press packets, stories and brochures received on a daily basis by writers, editors and producers can be a frustrating and complicated task. All the more so when the publication services a different country.

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New Product Showcases

Magazines in and outside the United States are eager to highlight the
newest specialty-equipment product offerings, and they often do so by
including New Product Showcases in their magazine. This month’s
“Required Reading” features a few of these columns and provides tips on
how to increase your chances of being included.

Restyling Market - Facts At-A-Glance


Products used to modify a vehicle’s exterior or interior after they have left the factory are what define the restyling market. As consumers desire to create something unique that fits their personal lifestyle, so, too, does the trend to customize one’s vehicle. Restyling products, which include sunroofs, ground effects, grille guards and drop-center bumpers, are functional, however, many consumers purchase them for the aesthetic appeal.

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