Chinese Car Dealers Selling Aftermarket Accessories?

Scott Wood couldn’t have imagined that being named the Time magazine 2010 Dealer of the Year would be his ticket to China, but it was. Wood, who owns Chevrolet and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealerships in the small town of Batesville, Arkansas, was invited to China to give a presentation to Chinese car dealers on selling accessories in dealerships. Wood sells quite a few Jeep accessories, so he naturally illustrated his presentation with examples of Mopar and aftermarket-branded Jeep accessories.

Two Weeks Left to Participate in Low-Cost Program to Explore Large Emerging Market

U.S. specialty-parts manufacturers have until June 15 to register online at
to participate in three days of one-on-one meetings with Chinese buyers
and networking events, as well as tour the China International Auto
parts Expo (CIAPE). Hotels, meals and an interpreter are included.

For more information, contact Linda Spencer at

Camaro Considered Luxury Sports Car in China; Competitor to Audi A5, BMW 5 Series

As incomes rise in China, so does interest in owning cars that show off
financial status. In China, a “musclecar” can do that. There
currently isn’t much of a musclecar segment in China. But foreign
automakers are betting that they can create one with thorough
marketing. And the buyers will be considerably wealthier than your
average musclecar customer in the United States

10 Facts About the Russian Car Market You Need to Know

The specialty market in Russia is quite new. According to Fedor Svinin of the Saint Petersburg-based Tuning Inomarka Magazine,
the market is only a little more than a decade old, noting that, “we may
say that the tuning business started in our country in the late ‘90s.”
But as the market comes back from a near standstill due to the drying
up of credit and an economic crisis, sales are once again growing rapidly
and luxury SUV sales are one of the fastest-growing segments.


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