SEMA Introduces Quick Talks—Experts Talk Vehicle Technology, Powered by ETTN

ETTN LogoSEMA recognizes that, with the pace at which technology and trends are changing, influencing and impacting the industry, it is more important than ever for SEMA members to be able to have the opportunity to learn about them. Quick Talks, powered by the Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN), will debut at the 2016 SEMA Show. Quick Talks support the network’s ongoing role as a resource for the automotive industry’s engineers, programmers, designers and product managers.

ETTN Motorsports Tech Roundtables

ETTN LogoThe mission of SEMA’s Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN) is to identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies that affect or improve the automotive aftermarket, delivering them in a concise manner to business professionals. The network seeks opportunities to gain knowledge from the many niches that SEMA members are involved in.


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