Tire Industry Debut

This year’s SEMA Show included a specially designed, purpose-built headquarters for the tire industry. A show within a show, the Global Tire Expo—Powered by Tire Industry Association (TIA) was created to focus attention on tire-industry innovations and opportunities. Judging by the positive reactions of all involved, the Expo concept turned out to be a great idea.

SEMA Education Institute


Today’s business environment is changing quickly. Training and information are essential to a company’s success. Realizing this several years ago, the SEMA Board of Directors created the SEMA Education Institute (SEI) as a strategic commitment to meet the industry’s need for personal training and professional development.

Exhibitor Profile: American Eagle Wheel Corp.

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A Conversation With Margo Furcolow

American Eagle Wheel Corp. (AEWC) was a first-time exhibitor at the 2009 SEMA Show. SEMA News spent some time with AEWC President Margo Furcolow at the company’s facility in Chino, California. Ms. Furcolow discussed the company’s experience as a first-time exhibitor and offered advice for other first-timers.

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Are You Really Innovating Today?

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SEMA-member companies have continually appealed to consumers through the creation of new and interesting products—and not just to stay competitive within our own marketplace. Today more than ever, our members also vie for discretionary dollars against a host of different practical, entertainment and recreational uses. The success of your business depends not just on innovative products but on innovation in all aspects of business.

What does your business-wide innovation look like today? SEMA recently sponsored an educational seminar dubbed rather generically “Profit 101.” Behind that title was a workshop on tapping into the diverse knowledge and experience of company employees—everyone from marketing to engineering to financial—in order to generate innovative and profitable ideas for your business. Different individuals with different job functions bring a diversity of opinion, and one person’s spark can ignite a fire of productive dialog. 

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