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Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly for $100 or Less

There are scores of mobile template providers and conversion services that can now make your website mobile-ready for $100 or less. Businesses looking to quickly establish a mobile-friendly presence on the web can take heart: There are scores of mobile template providers and conversion services that can now make your website mobile-ready for $100 or less.

"The nine out of 10 small businesses that still do not have optimized mobile sites because of technical or financial restraints now have the means to build their own professional-looking, brand-identical mobile sites at rock-bottom rates," said Ben Seslija, CEO of bMobilized.

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Fast Facts

Breaking news from SEMA member companies Baer Brake Systems, Source Interlink Media, Egge Machine Co. Inc., Brembo, Maradyne High Performance Fans, Curtis Industries LLC and more.

SEMA Leadership Summit

As the industry’s premier trade association, SEMA has long celebrated the spirit of volunteerism that prompts many of these individuals to give back. In fact, the association depends on such volunteerism for its very existence—its Board of Directors and council leadership are composed entirely of aftermarket professionals who donate their own time and talents to advance the industry’s goals. To support and recognize these leaders, SEMA again presented its annual Leadership Summit program July 25–27, at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center in Pomona, California. The following are some highlights from the three-day industry gathering.

Done for Pure Fun

At the 1970 Bakersfield Fuel & Gas Championships, the Top Fuel final came down to a duel between two close friends: Tony Nancy and Harry Hibler. Nancy, known for his outstanding upholstery work and for building a number of immaculate hot rods (several of which were featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine), had just entered the Top Fuel ranks that year. Hibler, who for years ran the San Fernando dragstrip, had started racing Top Fuelers a couple years before and was juggling his racing schedule around his day job, selling advertising at Petersen Publishing Company.

OMIX/Rugged Ridge Names Speakers and Case Study Topics for Expert Business Seminars at 2012 SEMA Show

Following its recent announcement of the new Off-Road Success Center at the 2012 SEMA Show, OMIX/Rugged Ridge has named the cast of expert speakers and case studies to be featured as part of the company’s twice-daily expert business seminar series. Seven new, dynamic seminars are open to all dealers, jobbers, installers and other specialty-equipment industry business owners or managers interested in learning proven business concepts and practices for success in the dynamic Jeep and off-road lifestyle market.

Game Change

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Mobile to Be Most Popular Device for E-mail by Close of 2012

While the tech world is riddled with paradigm shifts, the latest is a doozy: By the close of 2012, mobile devices will overtake PCs as the most popular devices for reading e-mail. That fast-approaching upheaval is expected to be a brain-rattler for marketers who will be forced to reconfigure their marketing e-mails to fit much smaller devices, which take longer to download e-mail—especially when those messages are laden with bloated multimedia.

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Our Migration to the Future

SEMA will soon be celebrating its 50th year and, like many 50-year-olds, we are taking stock. We’re asking, “How will the association stay relevant and help SEMA members in the coming decades?”

Within the automotive specialty-equipment arena, we see the rising generations moving into a range of market segments, seeing new opportunities, using different tools and communicating in different ways. SEMA is taking action to help younger individuals and companies find clear pathways to tap into the association and its seasoned members and to build productive business relationships, just as it did for prior generations.


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