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Making History in Mexico

It’s 1968, and Car Craft magazine publisher Sal Fish shakes hands with actor James Garner. Garner, in the helmet and goggles, sits in a Bill Stroppe-prepped Ford Bronco, ready to race in the second National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) Mexican 1000.

Information Equals Sales

A Conversation With Bob Moore, Chairman of the SEMA Business Technology Committee

Bob Moore is the co-founder and current chairman of SEMA’s Business Technology Committee (BTC) and an unflagging advocate for the use of standardized data and the SEMA Data Co-Op, the industry’s newest sales-generation system. He has been working in the automotive aftermarket since 1976 and is a partner with Jerry McCabe in J&B Service, a consulting company that specializes in the aftermarket.


The dust has settled and the 2012 edition of the SEMA Show delivered the goods in a big way. Exhibitors and quality buyers participated in near-record numbers—which in itself is an encouraging indicator—and the buzz on business value was strong. Looking back on the past year, we note some of our other key accomplishments and the road ahead in 2013.

Dana Mitchell, YEN Member Insights, November 2012


Dana Mitchell, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Automotive News, Aftermarket News, November 2012

Dana Mitchell

Sales Manager, Al’s Liners

With a formal background in architecture, Dana has extensive experience in architectural design, environmental consulting, automotive restoration equipment, and DIY truck accessories.  Admittedly an "amateur restorer and automotive guy", Dana feels fortunate to be in the automotive industry where he is able to employ his personality working for a company like Al's Liner.

Tell us a little about your diverse professional background and how each of your experiences has benefited you in the position you hold today?

After school and working in a couple of odd jobs I began in Environmental Consulting, focusing on Remediation Project Management and Program Management for Asbestos, Lead and Indoor Air Quality. Working mostly with public and private school corporations I was responsible for maintaining federally mandated programs and educating maintenance staff on handling and maintaining potential hazardous materials.

Sales Growth and the “Invisibility Factor”

About this product:

Why Your Product Data Matters

If you are a supplier in the $30 billion automotive specialty-equipment market, it is important to have a complete understanding of why standardized, well-distributed product data is critical to business growth. The bottom line is to sell more parts, right? Well, in this age of instant information and aggressive competition, it’s going to take more than “the way we’ve always done it” to succeed. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to having information at their fingertips, and the competition for their money is tougher than ever before with the myriad choices available.

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A Visit to the SEMA Association Center at the 2012 SEMA Show Can Boost Your Sales and Cut Your Costs!

SEMA Member Logo DownloadIf you’re attending the 2012 SEMA Show on October 30 through November 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, be sure to stop by the Association Center located in the Grand Lobby between the North and Central Halls. The Association Center will be located just east of its usual location, closer to the glass doors.

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A Message From Paul “Scooter” Brothers

It’s hard to believe, but here we are again in Las Vegas to showcase the work of our family members from the past year. The SEMA family consists of everyone on the Show floor and everyone back home that made all this possible. When you enter the Show you will see only a glimpse of the automotive specialty parts world, which is far larger than even the Show itself. However, the dedication, passion and vision of the entire SEMA family is plainly evident, concentrated into one week in Las Vegas. It’s a view of the future that we are proud to present.


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