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The 2015–2018 SEMA Board of Directors Candidates

Get to Know the Nominees

Eleven candidates entered this year’s election, each vying for a position on the 2015–2018 SEMA Board of Directors. The SEMA Board provides strategic direction to the association and plays a critical role in shaping the future of the automotive specialty-equipment industry.

Voting for the 2015–2018 SEMA Board of Directors Election opened May 13 and will be available online until June 9. Voting is open to current SEMA members, and votes must be submitted by the designated primary contact of each voting SEMA-member company.


Ford Super Duty
The 2017 Ford Super Duty, with its body-hugging wrap, reveals some of the design influences from the latest 2015 models—

Mercedes GLC
Here’s a look at two of several prototypes for the new Mercedes GLC that were caught on film leaving the factory.

Mini Clubman
With the light camouflage helping to reveal finer design cues, this prototype for the next Mini Clubman S and the sporty...

A prototype for the next-generation BMW X3 has broken cover, hitting a frozen lake in the Arctic Circle.

Target: Skilled Employees, Now and in the Future

Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO One of the more challenging quests in the specialty aftermarket is to attract, hire and develop qualified employees—people who will fill a range of roles and help our members’ businesses transition to the future. This is especially challenging as new technologies emerge at an increasing speed.

That’s why the SEMA board, councils and staff are focused on new ways to equip the next generation to find jobs and grow careers in our industry. These efforts can be divided into three fronts—development training and experiences for existing members; establishing better ties and pipelines with schools where students are already studying automotive fields; and establishing pathways to allow even more young people to aim for a career in the specialty segment of the industry.

Fast Facts

Breaking news from SEMA member companies, including Brake Parts Inc., Quest Automotive Products, Yokohama Tire, Action Car and Truck Accessories, Surf City Garage and more.

Neil Tjin, YEN Member Insights, March 2015


YEN Member Insight – Neil TjinNeil Tjin is the president of Tjin Edition and the automotive marketing director at Vortech Engineering in Channel Islands, California.

How did you get into the industry?
I started tinkering with cars in 1996. It started out as a hobby and I was able to turn it into a profession in the early 2000's. I started out as the marketing director at Toucan Industries, and then I became the executive editor at Hot Compact and Imports magazine and B/Scene Magazine in 2003. In 2010, I became the automotive marketing director at Vortech Engineering. And, we started the Tjin Edition Road Show in 2004.

When did you start Tjin Edition and what is it all about?
Tjin Edition started out as a car club/business in 2003, when we did our first OEM build for Scion. In 2004, we expanded the Tjin Edition brand into the Tjin Edition Road Show, and this is year will be our 11th year on the road.

Truck, SUV & Off-Road Products

New Gear From the SEMA Show

The Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road section of the 2014 SEMA Show was dedicated to products engineered to tackle life’s harshest, and most exciting, terrain. For buyers who understand their customer’s passionate desire to shift into four-wheel drive, exhibitors unveiled hundreds of new SKUs with items ranging from tonneau covers and bedliners to toolboxes, trailer hitches and suspensions.

Designing Like the Big Guys

Three High-Tech Tools to Advance Small Product Innovators

For medium to large specialty-equipment manufacturers, the concepts of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are not likely to come as anything new. Over the past few decades, most companies with the capital have been investing in these evolving technologies to create and speed new products to market. What’s new on today’s scene is the trickle-down of increasingly cost-effective CAD/CAM solutions into the hands of smaller companies and even individual product designers and manufacturers—a phenomenon that may well make them ever more competitive with the big guys.

Tricks of the Trade

The equipment may have changed, but many of the tips laid out in this October 1964 Car Craft magazine story on “Photographing Cars” are still worthwhile for anyone interested in taking better pictures of their cars (or trucks, hot rods, customs, sports cars, motorcycles, you name it). The equipment may have changed, but many of the tips laid out in this October 1964 Car Craft magazine story on “Photographing Cars” are still worthwhile for anyone interested in taking better pictures of their cars (or trucks, hot rods, customs, sports cars, motorcycles, you name it).

The date on the photo job for this story was July 1964, making the subject Mustang a new car. The California hard license plate and Galpin Ford plate frame suggest that it was not a press vehicle but instead belonged...


GMC Canyon Denali

The GMC Canyon Denali prototype’s camouflaged front end hides a revised all-mesh grille design that is consistent with GMC’s other Denali-trimmed models.

’16 Ferrari FF Prototype

Caught in the Arctic Circle, photos of this prototype for the Ferrari FF reveal a revised front fascia for the Italian shooting brake.


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