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2011 SEMA Business Technology Symposium Yields Insights

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilTo help kick off its annual Leadership Days, held July 27–29, SEMA introduced automotive businesses to the latest technological trends and opportunities with the Business Technology Symposium (BTS). Held at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, California, the day-long gathering presented participants with solid education, proven strategies and best practices from experts in the fields of online marketing, multimedia sales and eCommerce.


Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilCollaboration is a frequently used term, but rarely do we get the chance to participate professionally in true collaborative efforts. I have made it one of the Street Performance Council’s (SPC) goals to better partner with SEMA, our sister councils and outside organizations in order to bring about the advancement of our unique individual groups.

A Few Words With the New SPC Chairman

Street Performance Council (SPC) - SEMA CouncilThe next chairman of the Street Performance Council (SPC) has been involved with the organization since it was a fledgling committee trying to get attention for tuner manufacturers and enthusiasts. Tyler Tanaka, vice president of business development for PostRelease, a developer of next-generation interactive entertainment and rich Internet applications, has been an active participant in the automotive aftermarket for more than 20 years. Foreseeing the importance of forums and social networks, he became an early adopter and firsthand user. SEMA Member News recently engaged in a Q&A session with this forward-thinker.

Going Mobile—The Marketer’s Dream


If that sounds overstated, consider that worldwide shipments of smartphones in 2010 alone—mobile phones running a BlackBerry, Android, Apple, Palm or Windows operating system with advanced features, such as Internet access—were 270 million units, a 55% increase over 2009. Tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad, are rapidly becoming a significant force in mobile marketing, with forecasted 2011 sales between 35 million and 70 million units. In fact, more people are projected to access the Internet with a mobile device than with a computer by 2013.

A Few Tips on Social Media Customer Service


Because “social media” are such buzzwords these days, a lot of people think that these new channels somehow exist in a different dimension of the space-time continuum and that different rules and laws of physics apply. Yes, social media channels are immediate. Yes, social media channels are broadcast platforms for the hitherto voiceless. And, yes, everybody is doing it. But when it comes to customer service and building and protecting your business reputation, the same principles apply in social media as in all other channels of communication between you and your customers.


SPC Official LogoRASR. You’ve heard of the acronym, but what does it stand for? Racers Against Street Racing. The program was created by a coalition of auto manufacturers, aftermarket parts companies, retailers, distributors, professional drag racers, sanctioning bodies, race tracks and automotive magazines.


SPCHave you marked your calendar yet? The date is Friday, July 23, 2010. The 2010 SEMA Business Technology Symposium, organized and sponsored by the Street Performance Council (SPC), is fast approaching.


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