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2014 SEMA Show Booth Space Applications Available

Booth space applications for the 2014 SEMA Show are available online Companies interested in exhibiting at the 2014 SEMA Show, set for November 4–7, 2014, in Las Vegas, may now submit applications for space. Manufacturers that apply before the April 11 deadline will participate in the Priority Booth Space Selection process, where exhibitors are assigned their booth location in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SEMA Show typically attracts more than 130,000 individuals from more than 125 countries, making the show the world’s premier automotive trade event where buyers and sellers meet to do business.

Tougher Policies: Intellectual Property Protection at the SEMA Show

Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO Do you see increasing examples of trademark rip-offs and illegal knock-off products showing up in online marketing and catalogs? SEMA is hearing more often from members experiencing intellectual property (IP) infringement problems. Protecting IP is something that many industries have struggled with for some time, and our industry is clearly no exception.

For a number of years now, SEMA has maintained policies and procedures to prevent the display of products, trademarks and trade dress that violate the IP rights of other SEMA exhibitors. Our goal has always been to ensure proper protection of the IP of industry members.

SEMA UTV Accessorization Survey

Preview of a New Report on the Side-by-Side Accessory Marketplace

As with virtually every type of vehicle, regardless of its genesis, sport UTVs and competitions sprang up shortly after their introduction to the market. They are now commonplace at events such as the King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, California.Spurred by the growth in the number of utility task vehicles (UTVs) over the last decade, SEMA recently released a new report examining the size, types of accessories and accessory purchasing processes involved in this burgeoning powersports segment.

UTVs, also known as side-by-sides, evolved as an offshoot of the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) market. The earliest models were spawned by the need for greater cargo capacity for those who used three- and four-wheel cycles for work tasks on farms, job sites, golf courses and other areas where off-road performance was required but a fullsize pickup was unnecessary or too cumbersome.

The Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned About Selling for a Living

By John Chapin

Manufacturers Representative Network (MRN) - SEMA CouncilAfter more than 26 years as a successful salesperson, here is what I know to be true
about sales.

Lesson #1: If you’re looking for a 9 to 5 job with safety and security, sales is not for you. Sales really is the hardest high-paying work or the easiest low-paying work. Top salespeople are extremely hard workers; they get in early, stay late, and most work on weekends. Top salespeople go above and beyond, answer their phones off-hours and are always ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Japan Custom-Car Market Overview

Though Japan slipped from the number-three car consumer worldwide in 2011 to number five in 2012, love for automobiles remains very strong among the Japanese. Like Americans, the Japanese are holding on to their cars longer, which makes for a very interesting opportunity for the custom market. People have a desire to give their cars a facelift after a few years when they hold on to them, and that results in more sales for those engaged in the custom-car market. From swapping out wheels to updating headlights to modernizing the entertainment system, the aftermarket business in Japan is booming, and consumers continue to look for new products to enhance their driving experiences.

Engaging the Customer in a Media-Saturated World

The term “engaging the customer” has been diluted with attention, but it’s more than a buzzword or concept; it’s the most important activity in a business. The definition of engage is “to bind by a promise.” Real engagement is about commitments and obligations. Interesting that Webster’s Dictionary defines engagement as “an arrangement to go somewhere”—to go somewhere like a business, a service outlet or a place to buy products.

Spring Sales Ramp-Up: Are You Ready for the Season?

Jon WylyWith the spring selling season gaining momentum, now is the time to be thinking about how to get your share of sales in the months ahead. Economic forecasts look promising in many areas, meaning we could be looking at some strong signs of normalcy coming to the marketplace after a seven-year drought! With that positive swing, however, will come more aggressive competition than ever. Businesses that have struggled to keep inventory available will be filling the shelves, and competitors will regain market position and confidence as their business kicks in.

So how do you stake your claim early and keep that competitive edge? It’s back to the basics, with strong inventory availability, great customer service, multifaceted marketing and a competitive position on price.

Welcome to PRO!

Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) - SEMA CouncilEach year at the SEMA Show, members of the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) staff a booth, host a reception and hold an open membership meeting. These activities give members a chance to connect with each other as well as share information about the benefits of council membership with Show attendees who are not a part of the group. When new members do join, council leadership does its best to help them get plugged in.

Dawn of an Era

Actually, the photo you see here represents the dawn of several eras. The picture was taken at the very first SEMA Show, which was known in 1967 as the High Performance & Custom Trade Show and was held in January of that year at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The car in the booth is a Camaro, Chevrolet’s answer to Ford’s wildly popular Mustang. Actually, the photo you see here represents the dawn of several eras. The picture was taken at the very first SEMA Show, which was known in 1967 as the High Performance & Custom Trade Show and was held in January of that year at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The car in the booth is a Camaro, Chevrolet’s answer to Ford’s wildly popular Mustang.

After letting Ford own the personal sporty-car market for more than two years, Chevrolet finally introduced its entry into the pony-car segment just a few months prior to the trade show. For musclecar enthusiasts, the booth represents a watershed moment—the very first Chevrolet dealer, Nickey Chicago, to offer a big-block conversion for the Camaro, developed by Nickey and race car builder Bill Thomas.


2015 SRT Challenger and Mercedes AMG GT.

KGP Photography caught this thinly covered prototype of the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT on film in the snow.

The pros at KGP Photography snapped these shots of the ’15 SRT Challenger, revealing an interior overhaul that includes a new dash, switchgear, instrumentation and a quality level.


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