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Congratulations! You have taken your first step toward participating in a very rewarding internship program. As a Career Windows intern, you will have the opportunity to work closely with several departments within a company. This experience will help you gain an appreciation for the diversity of career paths available in the automotive aftermarket, while getting a behind-the-scenes understanding of how multiple departments work together. Ultimately, you will:

  • ┬áConnect with potential employers
  • Explore unique career opportunities in an exciting, innovative industry
  • Build your resume and expand your professional network

The unique Career Windows structure will provide you with the chance to be mentored by several industry experts in any given company. After your initial orientation, you will work closely with other teams to get a big picture appreciation of the skills and aptitudes needed to excel and make a career in a variety of fields. Whether it is time spent with accounting, sales, marketing, or manufacturing, you will leave the program with a clearer picture of your future.
A typical Career Windows Internship will include:

  • Company and program orientation
  • Dedicated time with a minimum of three unique departments
  • Program evaluation
  • Intern presentation about experience

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