Automotive Jobs

Companies in the specialty-equipment industry with job openings to announce, or individuals would like to spread the word that they are seeking employment, are encouraged to post the details in SEMA's Auto Job Section. Not only are the postings available anytime, day or night, but the latest listings and a link to the entire SEMA Auto Job section are highlighted each week in SEMA eNews, the association's electronic newsletter that is delivered weekly to more than 100,000 industry professionals.

Whether your company has several automotive jobs to fill, or you're looking for a new challenge to further shape your auto career, posting a job is a free and simple way to communicate your needs to specific segments of the automotive specialty-equipment industry. In fact, SEMA Auto Job section does more than help with employment, it serves as a way to send one message that will reach an entire automotive-related community.

The SEMA Automotive Jobs section is separeted into the following categories:

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