About the ETTN


ETTN's mission statement: Identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies to help members improve.

The network will do that by:

  • Building and fostering a community of like-minded members who share an interest in learning and gaining competitive advantages to help their businesses improve. This community may extend beyond the automotive aftermarket, enabling collaboration and learning from examples beyond our familiar niche.
  • Answering questions such as: Is the new technology important enough to warrant a closer look by you or your company? Does it make sense for your company to invest in this technology? What is this newer technology replacing, and why should you make the change?
  • Digesting information being provided by SEMA and other SEMA councils and providing additional details and information that only true experts can deliver, including more research and deeper understanding.
  • Providing in-depth interviews and analysis from leaders outside of our own industry. Articles will be presented in a way that they can be easily understood, and we will show how the lessons learned can be applied to our industry.


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